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12/03/2004 Entry: "Ringo's Snare"

When Ringo appeared on Ed Sulliavan, he was playing an Oyster Black Pearl Ludwig kit. Much like this one, given to me by Chick Bailey. Notice on my kit that it has a metal snare drum. In '64, Ludwig drum kits came with metal snare drums. You could ask for a wood one, but that wasn't standard. Ringo didn't use a metal drum He played a 5"X14" Jazz Festival, a wood 8 lug drum. So if you want to really have that Ringo look-alike kit, you need an Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival. And they're expensive! Why? Well, 'cause Ringo played one! A Jazz Festival in a "regular" color is $300-$350. One in the Ringo finish? As you can see, they fetch a lot more!

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Is there some hidden meaning in the keystone on your kick drum? Like the drummer is the keystone of the band or something. Just wondering.

Posted by Jim @ 12/03/2004 10:56 PM EST

No, not really anything special. Ludwig uses the keystone on their badge, and since it's a Ludwig kit, I carried that over onto the sheild on the bass. Wy did Ludwig choose the Keystone? I'll check into it and get back to you.

Posted by BR @ 12/04/2004 09:58 AM EST

It's that whole Masons's, Illuminati thing Jim. Don't ask.

Posted by Paddy @ 12/04/2004 09:58 AM EST

I figured it was some sort of secret thing.

I know that Heinz uses that on their label because they are from Pennsylvania and of course that is the keystone state. Maybe it is the same deal.

Posted by Jim @ 12/04/2004 11:48 AM EST

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