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04/25/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

The weekend wrap-up

So, what all went down in Billy Rhythm land this weekend? Well, let's see, Friday night... Not much. I was home with the family. Well, not Julia, she was gone to her grandmothers. But Susan and the boys and I were home. Supper was going to be grilled steak salad. But we were too tired to bother firing up the grill. And as I posted on Friday, I had a headache, and it was in full force. I actually went to bed as soon as I got home, and took a nap for an hour or so. So once I got up, I should say, I didn't feel like grilling. So Susan ate some cereal. She went to bed around 10pm, I guess. Me, just having napped, stayed up until midnight.

6:30am on Saturday, and Matthew is up and ready to go. So I gave him his bottle, and watched a little MASH. Once he went down for his early morning nap, I started making the bacon for the omelets. Susan requested I make her an omelet, and if I must say, I make a pretty good one. This one was bacon, cheddar, swiss, and american. I also made a couple Jimmy Dean patties for myself. (Susan's not big on sausage.) A little kitchen cleaning, and then it was time to pack up for my DJ gig. I was supposed to be up and playing at 4pm, but the first guests arrived at about 20 after 3pm. I hadn't even changed into my dress clothes yet! Luckily, the rig was up and running, so I dashed into the bathroom, changed, and most were none the wiser. The party lasted until 9pm, and guests were still rockin'! They really enjoyed themselves. The entire time I was there, there was always someone on the dance floor. Usually you'll throw in a clunker or two that people don't want to dance to. Or it takes them a tune or three to get warmed up. But not this crowd. From the get-go they were on the floor. The remarked to me at the end of the night that she was on the floor for every song. I believe it!

Sunday. Breakfast was me again, this time, muffins. From a mix, so no big whoop there. But it DOES save a bunch of time, and time on a Sunday morning is a rare commodity. Then church until noon. Lunch at the folks house: hamburgers in brown gravy with pasta. Yum. Then home. I have a chuch business meeting Wednesday night, so I rescheduled my Wednesday night lesson for Sunday afternoon. After that, I installed the water line for the new fridge. Then to church Sunday evening. Then KFC for a quick supper, then home to sleep. Aahhh...

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