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04/26/2005 Entry: "Chocolate Deacons"

Oh, something I forgot to mention... I was elected a deacon at my church last week. Some things have been going on at church recently. The pastor resigned. My Dad, the elder deacon, of course can't serve as much as he once did. And since doctrine doesn't allow for divorced men to serve as deacons, the pool of available candidates was pretty small. I felt there was a need for some leadership. I had been asked to serve as deacon before, but didn't feel called to do it. But lately, there's been a tug. So I asked Dad if I wanted to become a deacon, what would the procedure be. He told me, and I decided not to put my name in. From the time Dad told me the procedure until the night of the vote was only three days, and I didn't think I'd have my spiritual act together in time. Well, Dad thought by me asking what the procedure was, that that meant I wanted the position. So at a business meeting (that I wasn't at), he put my name in, and I got voted in. So I guess I'm supposed to be there after all.

(For those interested in the qualifications for deacons, see here.

Also, crazy mad props to Jimmy T Thompson, who, for no reason, hooked me up with a 85% cocoa solids Lindt bar. See here for my impressions on this tasty treat about one year ago. (Note that in that post I also reference bourbon. Good thing deacons are not to be given to "much" wine, instead of "all" wine. So I can still have my taste every now and again. Unless of course that bothers you. Then I won't sip in front of you.)

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I'd love to catch your spiritual act sometime. Is it sort of a negro-spiritual type of thang? Got any gigs coming up?

Posted by Paddy @ 04/26/2005 11:24 PM EST

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