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05/06/2005 Entry: "Jim's Superhero MI-5"

1. Who was your favorite superhero as a kid? If you need to tell us more than one then explain.
Spiderman. Why? Well, growing up in downtown Spruce Head, we didn't have cable, so Saturday morning cartoons were limited. In fact, I seem to recall that Spiderman was on Sunday mornings. I always thought--in that kid sorta way--that Spiderman was a superhero you could actually attain to. I mean, he was just a regular guy. He wasn't from another planet, he wasn't from some lost race. As a kid, you almost thought "Hey, all I need is for Mom to make me a suit, build some strap-on wrist web spinners, and I could do that!"

2. Who is your favorite superhero as an adult? If you have none then choose a super type of person such as James Bond or The Shadow.
Ooh, The Shadow! He's pretty cool now, isn't he? Ivory handled stainless .45s? Who wouldn't want those! Plus, a cool fedora and a cape! Or, another option would be Mace Windu. Purple light saber, cool monk-style robe, tall leather boots--that's the stuff! Now if only he got to carry a bowcaster, then he'd have all the bases covered.

3. If you could possess any super power what would it be?

4. If you could choose any superhero to be your real life guardian until the day you die which one would you choose?
I gotta agree with Jim on this one. Superman can do it all, and has done it all. And if something happened and you got killed, you just have him back up time for you!

5. Did you ever dress up as a superhero as a kid for halloween? If not then tell us the best halloween costume you ever wore.
I don't think I was ever a superhero. My coolest costume was one of my own design. I coupled a Ringwraith (long before they existed) with Death, but instead of carrying a sickle of sword (which I didn't have), I carried a BB gun (which I did have!).

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

"I coupled a Ringwraith (long before they existed)..."

Umm, you did that back in like, the 1930s?

Posted by Paddy @ 05/06/2005 02:20 PM EST

You've got a picture of a ringwraith from the 30s?

Posted by BR @ 05/06/2005 02:24 PM EST

That's when Tolkien created them, numbnuts.

Posted by Paddy @ 05/08/2005 12:19 AM EST

Um, yeah, I guess I realize that, hosebag. I guess if you're going to be so pedantic, I should've said "long before the movie existed." Consider this the edit, will you? Now, go back to your motorcycles!


Posted by BR @ 05/09/2005 08:44 AM EST

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