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10/07/2005 Entry: "Maggi Blue's MI-5"

Yes, Maggi did the MI-5 last week. But she didn't have time to put much heart into it, and she just stole someone else's questions. So she held onto it for another week, and thought up some better ones this time.
1. What is the first thing you think about doing when you are in a stressful situation - like a fight or work crisis etc.?
I guess I get really defensive. Usually at work--where I see my most stress, I guess--the problems customer's complain about aren't really our fault. So when they call all grumpy, usually I try to show them why it really is their fault.

2. What is a bad habit of yours that you know you do...but can't seem to stop?
I don't really have too many bad habits. I guess over-eating would be the big one. Oh, and pulling the dry skin off my heels. Sometimes I'll pull chunk out that's still kinda attached at the bottom. So it'll bleed. So I'll get this hunk of skin, and I know if I pull it out it will bleed, and yet I can't just leave it there dangling.

3. What is a bad habit that you have had in the past but have been able to kick?
Again, not so much with me and the bad habits. I can't think of any right now.

4. What is something that really stresses YOU out that may not stress someone out someone else?
My kids "misbehaving" in church. I realize the boys are too young to realize they can't run around the sanctuary. And when they do, a lot of people think it's cute. But it really bugs me. I prefer them to stay in the nusery.

5. What is the best way you alleviate stress?
I like to be left alone with the stereo, some music, and a little taste of high quality bourbon.

Replies: 1 person has rocked the mic!

1. Prayer!

2. Oh my goodness. My answer is the same as my brother's. I LOVE to pick my feet. To pull big chunks of dead skin of my heels and the sides of my big toes. My MIL told me that Kerasal works wonders, and I forked out the $8 to get it several months ago. I've never used it. I'd rather pick my feet.

3. Biting my fingernails. When I was a freshman in high school, I "chased" after another guy that had a girlfriend with beautiful, manicured hands. I figured I'd better stop biting my nails if I wanted to "compete".

4. When things don't go according to MY plans. I don't "go with the flow" very well. Doesn't bother Dwane and the boys at all, but I can't handle it.

5. Praise/Worship Music.

Posted by Lisa @ 10/08/2005 08:37 AM EST

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