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10/10/2005 Entry: "The Long Weekend Wrap-Up"

OK, here's the weekend wrap-up for my peeps!

Friday night, and I'm lookin' for a fight, my motorcicle and a switchblade knife! So, maybe my life doen's resemble a Lita Ford tune too much. After work Friday night, I came to to watch the boys. Susan had some scrapbooking thing going on at my sister's house, and Julia was visiting Grandma's. So it was just me and the boys. I invited Jim to cover and spend the evening with us. I whipped us up a batch of Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrown, and we watched a bunch of old 60s jazz TV shows.

Saturday morning I got up to the rain. It rained hard all day. It appeared to rain the hardest during the time I loaded the truck with the DJ gear for the wedding that afternoon. From 3pm - 8pm I was DJ-ing down at Echo Hill for Lisa and Jeff. Hall owner Janet even came over to say "Hi." She's great, and runs a great hall. At the end of the evening, I went to put my coat on. Even after five hours of hanging up, you could still ring water out of my sleeves! Susan ordered a Snappy's pizza for supper. After that, it was bed.

Sunday morning was still heavy rain. The outside event I was supposed to host for MIS at the Owls Head Transportation Museum washed out, so I was able to get to church after all. Lunch was at Mom's, and it consisted of some great chicken and biscuit casserole that Aunt Corrine made us after Dad died, and it's fantastic! Dessert was something Lisa made that was so rich, by the time you were finished eating the cream cheese/cool whip/oreo cookie concoction, you were ready to heave! I can't remember what I did in the afternoon (dishes?). Evening church, and then Julia wanted McDonalds for supper.

Monday morning and I made breakfast for everyone. Julia and I hit the Kiwanis meeting at lunchtime, and then did some shopping after that. I took some time to play the drums in the afternoon to get ready for my lessons. Two drum lessons, and I came upstairs to play Uno with Susan and Julia. (The boys were already in bed.) An HOUR later, Julia went up to bed. It's about 9pm now, and I'm just about to eat some supper.

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