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10/12/2005 Entry: "Where I'm At In Life"

Yesterday, starting in the evening, things weren't going so hot for me. I just had this feeling of being so overwhelmed. I had a lot on my plate before, and I've really got a lot going on now. Tomorrow night will be my first night home this week, and then I'll be skipping a band rehearsal to be there. So I got home last night close to 8pm. Julia was still up, and rightly so, wanted some Daddy time. I had one phone call I needed to make for the office, so I asked her to hold off a bit. I jumped on my machine, only to have it crash almost instantly on start up. Over and over it did this. I bet I restarted the thing 12 times before I got it to stay on. I did my work, and then gave Julia a scant few minutes before she needed to be in bed. After that, I tried running a virus scan. About 15 minutes into that, it crashed again. I decided to shut the thing off, and have supper. As I was saying grace, I said, "Lord, I can't handle all this right now. I need you to help me out here. Take some of this off me."

I came into work this morning, computer in tow, ready to take it to the shop. I had barely finished my first cup of coffee when the boss said, "I need you to take a few hours, hop on the ferry boat, and run this part over to North Haven." So I spent the better part of the day riding the ferryboat. Jim ran me down to the terminal, and suggested I take a book. Guess what was in the back seat? My Bible and my prayer meeting book! So I had an enjoyable one hour + ride to the island. Then, I had to wait about 1/2 hour before the boat went back. So I sat in the coffee shop, enjoyed another cup of coffee an a muffin, and worked on my message for Bible study tonight. Then, another leisurely one hour ride in, watching the beautiful waves capped with white foam, looking at the water and wondering how one would paint it's blue/green/black/grey color. I walked back to the office from the terminal, and let the cool wind blow into my open jacket.

It was just the kind of time I needed.

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