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02/20/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up, Samoset Supper"

Hi all. Wanna know what I did this weekend? If so, continue. If not, please skip down a post or two. Or, just go to someone else's more interesting blog.

Friday night, I left the office and headed straight to Waterville. Man, was it cold and windy! Some winter weather finally made it to Maine. I arrived at a little after 7pm. Mark "Guitar" Miller was playing the 6-9pm shift already, so I hung on a bit to bring my gear in. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich, and ate it. They wanted Mark to play until as close to 9pm as he could, so I ended up setting up offstage, then handing the drum kit up, completely assembled, when he was done. The first three or so sets went well; the last set was sparsely attended. The drive home was uneventful.

Saturday morning, Susan and Julia went out to do some errands. For Valentines Day I gave Susan some money to go pamper herself, whether it was clothes or nails or whatever. She decided to have her hair done and buy some clothes. I stayed home with the boys. We smoked cigars and drank single malt, and chased redheads. Oh wait, no we didn't. They took a nap after lunch, and before Susan got home. We went to my nephew Caleb's birthday in the afternoon, and I had a couple of my sister's famous "half baked brownies." Then in the evening was the supper.

Ah yes, the supper... Part II of Susan's Valentines gift was a trip to The Samoset for supper. I had the escargot, a ginger spiced 1/2 duck, and Bananas Foster. Susan had a salad, a filet mignon with blue cheese, and a chocolate "puzzle cake." (The cake had layers that were both flat AND at an angle, like --//-- that, sort of. Also included was a white chocolate covered heart of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet--the kind you find at a second hand store. While in the throws of this super-fantastical meal, Susan said "The kids are going to my Mom's next weekend. Let's come back!" I agreed. When the bill came, though, we decided we probably ought naught.

On Sunday we did church in the AM, then lunch at Mom's. In the afternoon we took a little nap. Back to church in the evening for a Valentine's Sundae Social. Home, bed.

The end.

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