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04/03/2006 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday: After work, it was straight to Joshua's Tavern for the gig. It was uneventful. Typical gig.

Saturday, I taught an Adult Ed class: "Preparing for the Computer Crash." That seemed to go ok. After that, I ran to Northern Kingdom for a minute. After that, the library and grocery store. Then home for a strange 1.5 hour lesson. (One of my students couldn't make his regular lesson, so he took one that was 50% longer on the weekend.) We thought about watching the new Wallace and Grommet movie in the evening, but it went by too fast. Oh, and supper! Susan made this April Fools supper. It was a total surprise--she wouldn't let anyone in the kitchen. When it was done, it was: a cake! Well, not really. It was a meatloaf! Yup. She baked the meatloaf in cake pans, put some tomato filling between the layers, and then frosted the whole thing with mashed potatoes. It was a treat, and I actually thought it was a cake. I figured she just brought dessert our first.

Sunday morning, and the boys were not totally over their croup. So I stayed home with them, so Susan could get a little church action. About noon time, I came down with a headache. It wasn't too bad, but it was bad enough. I tried ibuprofen, but it wasn't cutting it, so I moved onto the Fioricet and the bed. I tossed for two hours, not getting sleep, and not getting better. At about 4pm I called my sister, and let her know I wouldn't be at church. So I went the whole day with no church. Susan was hungry, so I bought her a Snappy's calzone. For those keeping track, Snappy's delivery charge is now $2.50, and that doesn't count the tip. So if you want Snappy's, figure an extra $5 for delivery. I know I won't be going delivery again. For $5, I'll drive the mile to get it. I went to bed before 9pm, still having the headache.

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