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04/04/2006 Entry: "Bureaucracy"

So Susan ordered this book from the library. Or better, asked for it to be held for her. They called today and told her it was in. She asked if I might stop by and pick it up for her on my lunch break. I agreed. So I went to the desk.

Me: "Can I pick up a book for my wife? Someone called today and said it was back in."
Union Librarian: "Do you have her card?"
Me: "No. I have my card."
UL: "Um, we're not really supposed to. Can I see your card?" (I hand him my card.) "What's your wife's name?"
Me: "Susan. Susan Batty. Same address. The book is by Stephen King. I think it's called The Call." (Actually, it was called The Cell)
UL: "Well, I'll do it this time, but in the future, we'll need her card."
Me: "So it's not OK for me to pick up a book reserved her with my card, but it is OK for me to use her card, even though she's not me, and that's ok? It seems sorta six of one, 1/2 dozen of another."
UL: "Having her card, though, is like having her permission."
Me, in my head: "And knowing the book and the person's name isn't good enough? Instead, I have to present someone else's card, which for all you know could've been stolen? This makes no sense..."
UL: "Have a nice day, I'll be here making Union Scale for the rest of the day."

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