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05/12/2006 Entry: "MI-5"

1. If you had to change your last name to something else what would you choose?
Three choices come to mind. Here they are in order of importance:
a) Dancer (my wife's maiden name)
b) Luxuryyacht, but it would be pronounced "Throatwarbler-Mangrove."
c) Smith

2. Name three landmarks you drive by on your way to work.
a) Dunkin' Donuts, with cars overflowing into the streets
b) McDonalds
c) Burger King

3. Tell us about the last time you drove out of state.
Sunday. I drove three hours each way to Conway NH for a steel drum gig. I played three songs, and drove three more hours.

4. What kind of summer activities do you enjoy?
I like cooking on the grill. I like taking a cool shower while drinking a cold beer on a hot day. I like going on vacation with the kids. I like it when friends invite me to the shooting range.

5. Tell us something new you would like to try or are going to try this summer.
I'm going to try shooting my Dad's M-1 Garand for the first time. And in that same vein, I have my Grandfather's .22 that I'll shoot for the first time this year. That is, if I can get a friend to invite me to the range! :-)

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