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05/10/2006 Entry: "Fresh Postings"

It's been pretty dry over, huh dear reader? Well, it's because I've started posting over on my MySpace page. No, not really. Office humor.

I didn't do the weekend wrap-up. I know, I know. Here it is, Wednesday, and I'm just getting to it. Let's do this, shall we? Let me just hit the highlights.

First, Julia had her last ballet recital on Saturday. She was the "bluebird of happiness" in Cinderella. I thought she did a marvelous job, and she was very cute. She's decided, though, that ballet takes up too much time. She's got other things she wants to try. And that's fine. I'm cool with her wanting to be well rounded. She wants to take swimming lessons next.

Second, I had a gig in New Hampshire on Sunday. I drove six hours to play three songs. And guess what? I played awful! And with only three songs, there's no way for me to show the audience "Hey, I'm really not this bad!" Nope. Instead, all those people think I stink. Now, many will tell you I'm my own worst critic. And I am. And some will tell you that I think less of myself as a drummer than I should. I
don't think so. And even I didn't think I would play that badly. But I did, and there's no chance to redeem myself.

Third, I bought an XM satellite radio. For years, I've been fairly anti-satellite-radio. Why should one pay for something you get free? Then, I went to lunch with Kyle from Balance Communications. He had a Sirius radio. And on the way to lunch, I heard The Cure, The Sugar Cubes, and all kinds of other groups you never hear on the air. Then, when neighbor Michael took me to get the new mattress, we listened to his XM radio, and I heard Kool and the Gang, Ray Parker Jr., and Yes. Man, the more I heard it, the more I thought I'd like it. So, with a six hour road trip to New Hampshire looming, I decided to splurge. And I love it. I don't know why I waited so long! Six hours, and I only heard one song repeated. It was Sade, and I heard her once on the love song channel, and once on the adult alternative channel. And hey, repeating Sade is no crime in my book! As much as I used to think paying for radio was stupid, I now see the error of my ways. All music lovers should get one!

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Buy Locally, Buy Locally, Buy Locally.

Posted by JC @ 05/12/2006 11:53 AM EST

You're in luck--I did!

Posted by BR @ 05/12/2006 12:14 PM EST

Just out of curriosity - by any chance does your daughter have 2 other girls in her ballet group named Isabel & Eileen? I was invited to a ballet recital that particular saturday and as they both live in this area I thought that would have been a neat coincidence if I had been able to make it, to find you guys there.

As for satellite radio I was totally into the idea of getting it untill Direct TV switched from Music Choice to XM and now - I am not that impressed. Maybe its the stations we get or maybe its because I liked Music Choice better. Either way I think I will stick to my CDs & NPR

Posted by Melanie @ 05/17/2006 12:24 AM EST

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