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05/16/2006 Entry: "Lunch Posting From Home"

I don't normally post from home during lunch. I don't have time, as I usually spend it eating lunch. Today, though, I had to take an early lunch, and I'm just not hungry.

Yesterday, Susan wasn't feeling well. She asked if I would stay home with the boys in the afternoon so she could get some rest. So I did. Of course, I didn't sleep much this weekend either. (The weekend wrap-up will be coming at some point, dear reader.) I ended up falling asleep on the playroom floor while playing with the boys!

I finished up the web site for Oyster River Lobsters. The guy I'm building the site for--the owner of the business--already had purchased two domain names from his previous designer. They had a falling out. The designer put his in all the registrant info--not the name of the guy who actually owns Oyster River Lobster. He's holding it hostage for cash. So, we just got him a new name. The old site wasn't much (just one page), and he hadn't been marketing it, so it was no real loss. Anyway, the new page is up.

Still, though, my copy of Dreamweaver is crashing. My entire machine just locks up. And all that I can do is reset. No "ctrl-alt-delete" thing; that doesn't work, as the keyboard is locked up. She's just all bound. I think I'm going to have to upgrade to something newer. I tried a couple of free HTML editors, and they just didn't cut the mustard. I'm hoping to try Dreamweaver 8--quite an upgrade from 4.01.

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And as a last resort, vi:

Posted by jp @ 05/16/2006 08:16 PM EST

You, sir, are not funny.

Posted by BR @ 05/17/2006 08:18 AM EST

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