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06/19/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

Oh, what a great weekend it was! The kids were at grandmas!

First, I had a gig Friday night in Waterville. What a dead night it was! They're now allowing people to eat on the sidewalk. So everyone was outside all night long. No big whoop, but with no one listening to you, the energy level stays low.

Saturday morning, and Susan and I went to Second Read for a pastry and coffee, then of to Waldoboro Days for a set with Three Button Deluxe. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the band, and we got many compliments. On the way home, we decided to stop in a new antique co-op where Reed's Gifts used to be. We looked around a little, and headed up stairs. There, at the end of the building, was a Hoosier. I said to Susan "I've always wanted a Hoosier. They're so handy." She really liked it. The one we looked at was green with flowers. It had some age on it, but it was in really good shape. She loved all the storage possibilities, and I loved the price. I told her "If you can find a place to put it, I'll buy it for you." So we took some measurements, and headed for home. Alas, it was too big for our kitchen. But we thought we'd hit up some antique stores, and see what they had.

Well, one of them had something very special. I've been looking for a Wyeth print called "Sailor's Valentine" for my sister for a long time. (July of 2001, to be exact.) Well low and behold, I found a copy! I near about died right there in the store. I couldn't believe it. As I checked out, the lady who waited on us sad she was sad I didn't find a Hoosier. I told her I found something much better.

In the evening, we went out for supper at Amalfi, a little Mediterranean place on Main St. We didn't have reservations, so we had to eat in the downstairs (read: basement) dining room. In actuality, we really dug the ambiance down there. It was quiet, secluded. We started off with appetizers. Susan continues her salad fetish, and ordered something delish. I had some kind of meatballs with yoghurt sauce and flatbread. It was great too. My main dish was a lamb ragu with pasta and goat cheese, garnished (Garnished, mind. That's the word they used.) with two lamb chops! It was fantastic! The pasta was rocket hot, which it should be. The lamb had some tasty grill marks, yet all pink inside. Susan had one of their many specials: mixed grill. It was a lamb chop, 1/2 a cornish game hen, and a piece of filet mignon, all with garlic mashed 'taters. She reported it very tasty. We'll be going back.

After supper, we headed up Main St. for Rockland's "Summer Solstice" festival. We also stopped into Second Read to get Susan one of their carrot cupcakes. She reports the frosting is really good, Jane.

Sunday morning we headed out to breakfast at the Brass Compass. I had roast beef hash and eggs, and Susan had an omelette, I think. We finished too early to head straight to church, so we went to see Dad's grave stone. It really is quite nice. It's polished black granite, with a massive base that has some un-polished granite left. And it's a good size; the proportions are right. Mom did a good job picking it out. Then onto church. After that, we headed to Susan's parents so she could spend Father's Day with her dad. Oh, and we had to pick up the kids. As soon as we arrived, though, they needed to go down for their nap. So they slept until about 4pm, I think. I ended up nodding off on the couch. We ended up at home for a few minutes before I had to take off for evening church. After that, I came home. Susan went to bed early, and I watched a little TV before bed.

That's about it!

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