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07/27/2006 Entry: "Not Feeling Well"

Whatever that thing was I woke up with on Saturday has decdided to get nasty. I've got this dry cough now, and sore throat. This morning, my head was full. I got to the office, and felt nasty. I called the doctor, even. I had some stuff I had to get done today, so I took care of that, and then came home. I even canceled the gig I was supopsed to play tonight. I took sick time and called the doctor and canceled a gig; you know I don't feel well. And I've got so much stuff to do. I've got one website that's 90% done that I should finish, and another that's brand new. I've got a gig tomorrow night I haven't packed for. My lawn's needed to have been mowed since Monday. The kid's pool is uncovered. There's construction debris on the front lawn from the installation of the new door--and that new door needs to be painted. And I'm sick. Nice.

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Sorry you are feelin' yucky......I'm sending love!!!!

Posted by Harv @ 07/27/2006 09:27 PM EST

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