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07/29/2006 Entry: "Saturday Morning"

Hi, all! I'm feeling much better, thank you. This morning, I can really feel the goop in my chest starting to break up. I've been on Zithromax for three days now, and it's working.

(Insert, real time) Nathaniel just walked up to me, and said "Outside!" And I told him "No, not yet. You're going to the church scrapbooking with Mommy. And Auntie Lisa, Great Ma, Grammy Nan, and Aunt Ginny will be there. Does that sound like fun?" And his reply? "Yeah! Presents?" Sorry Nat, you don't get presents every time you get together with an adult female member of the family!

So lots of stuff on the agenda today. And quite a bit of it involves going to the dump. What fun! And we've decided we're going out to supper today at Rockland's newest Italian restaurant. Hey, who designed that site? It's not bad! In fact, I spent an hour on it already this morning, putting some photos of their menu up.

OK, off to the office for the morning shift!

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Nice website for La Famiglia. That is my favorite restaurant! The food is great and there's always someone interesting sitting at the bar. The bartender isn't too bad either!

Posted by Jane @ 07/31/2006 10:43 AM EST

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