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07/31/2006 Entry: "Muy Late MI-5"

This one is brought to you by the number 5! (and the color orange). (And, of course, Amy and her Bad Groove!)

1. What are five things about you that people might be surprised to find out?

1) I thought I wanted to play trombone.
2) I have as many snare drums as I do fingers and toes.
3) Of those, I'd be willing to sell all but one. (Which one could I absolutely not sell? Guess!)
4) I really like asparagus, and that thing many people complain about doesn't happen with me.
5) I still get ear infections, and I've had three in the last year.

2. Name five favorite ____________ (fill in the blank and then answer).

1) Lilacs
2) Lupine
3) Daffodils (Cheap in season, and pretty hardy. We have them in the house all spring.)
4) Salt sea roses
5) Daisys

3. Name five favorite songs.

Oh, man! That's tough. Like Lisa and Jim said, these are subject to change.
1) "Perfect Blue Buildings," Counting Crows
2) "Julia," The Beatles
3) "My Funny Valentine" (I like Chet Baker's vocal version, and Miles Davis's instrumental from Cookin'.)
4) "Family Affair," Sly & the Family Stone
5) "Let's Stay Together," Al Green

4. Five favorite TV shows, Songs, or Books (you pick).

1) Chinese Poems Written in Prose
2) The books of "Poetry" from the Bible. (Job the patient, Psalms of David, then the Proverbs of a wise one, and then Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. That's some Sunday School humor there. There's a little song to help you remember the books.)
3) Richard Brautigan's "Revenge of the Lawn."
4) Sylvia Plath's complete poems
5) The Unabridged Edgar Allen Poe

5. Name five of your least favorite ______________ (fill in the blank and then answer).

TV Shows!
1) Wife Swap
2) American Idol
3) Judge Judy
4) Dr, Phil
5) Barney

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

For sentimental reasons, I'm going to guess that you would not get rid of Wellman, or the one that Chick gave to you.

I'm very impressed with your ability to remember the Sunday School song. For the life of me, I cannot master that one. It seems like I try to sing it every morning in the shower, and I'm always getting it mixed up.

And, two of your worst shows, are two of my favorites! (American Idol and Dr. Phil). Well, Dr. Phil is only a favorite if he happens to have a good topic. I didn't watch it last night because there was too much swearing. I don't like that. Oh, and Barney can come in handy from time to time, too.

Posted by Lisa @ 08/01/2006 07:37 AM EST

I love asparagus too!!!!! I do. And SeaSalt Roses are pretty...I had never heard of them before!

Posted by Amy @ 08/01/2006 04:25 PM EST

I had never heard of Sea Salt Roses. I had always known them as rugosa roses. I had just never heard that name before. I learned something new.

Posted by Jim @ 08/02/2006 09:26 PM EST

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