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08/02/2006 Entry: "Tim Hortons for Lunch"

Lunch today was at Rockland's new Tim Hortons. I had the turkey club and soup combo. The sandwich was good, and came with a tasty honey mustard. The chicken noodle soup was good, with a flavorful broth, but the noodles were overdone. Not that I would expect al dente noodles in a fast food place, but that sure would've been nice. The coffee? Well, from what I'd been hearing, I expected better. It was full flavored and rich, but didn't have the kick and high-end overtones that I like. It was like french roast with no bite. Dessert was some sort of brownie. It was quite fudge-y, but not very brownie like. It was ok. I'll go back again, but I don't think it'll end up a favorite. Of course, the open 24 hours thing is nice, especially at 3am after a gig. We'll see how long that lasts, though...

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