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08/04/2006 Entry: "Lisa's "Don't Bring This Up" MI-5"

"The �Things You Don�t Discuss at a Dinner Party� MI-5:

I really like upbeat, positive, easy MI-5 questions. This time, however, I thought I�d go with something deep, awkward, and thought-provoking. The topics are not my favorite topics to write about, but now no one can accuse me of only preparing �easy� questions. I will list the topic, and you can say as much, or as little, as you�d like. You can express your own view, or you can talk about the issue in light of today�s political climate, or tell some story that relates somehow to the topic. Here goes:"

1.Political Parties
Well, I'm a registered Republican. Everyone always tells you "I vote for the person, not the party." And you know, I do to. But here's the thing: the Republican party best represents what I believe in. Although, truth be told, I have a slight Libertarian bend too. I quite like Ronald Reagan, and would say he's been the best president of my lifetime.

2. Abortion
A woman (and a man, for that matter) has a choice. They (the man and woman) can choose to have unprotected sex. If an embryo is the result of that unprotected sex, well, I consider that a living being. I think abortion as a form of birth control to be quite sad. And, if human's would follow God's plan for such things (being--a man and a woman marry before they "get down," and then they stay monogamous to one another), it's amazing how many social problems would be of nought. Certainly STDs would almost be a thing of the past (accept those transfered through blood transfusions, perhaps), children would have Mommies and Daddies at home, kids would be (and feel) wanted, and all kinds of other lovely things would come to pass.

3. Gun Control
I'm a gun owner. I firmly believe that removing the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms will only result in the criminals having guns.

4. Prayer in Schools
Honestly, I have no problem with schools not having a formal prayer time for students. There are all kinds of faiths represented in our schools, and forcing someone to say something they don't want to, well, I'm not so into that. BUT... If you're atheist, and don't want to say the Pledge to the Flag, that's fine. But don't stop the other kids from saying it. If a kid want's to say a prayer before a test, fine. But we don't have to involve everyone else.

That said, what's good for one needs to be good for the others. Lately, political correctness has said it's ok to not allow Christian kids to assemble for prayer, or wear certain t-shirts. And yet, setting aside time to allow Muslim kids to leave class to pray is ok. Or special "prayer rooms" where Muslim kids can go pray in quiet. We can't have it one way, and not the other. So let's pick one way and stick to it.

5. Katie Couric, Brian Williams, or Charlie Gibson? Someone else? (I needed to do at least one question that was somewhat �fun�!)
I don't watch network news. I think the most even handed news anchor, though, is Tim Russert. Kaite Couric drives me nuts.

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I agree with you strongly about Reagan actually....and I too have a slight libertarian bend to my politics. But at least in CA Libertarians can't vote in the primaries (I know because my coworker is one)!

Also- I like what you said about prayers in school...I was trying to get a similar point across but just coulnd't make it come out right without sounding ...bad...but you did!

Posted by Amy @ 08/06/2006 12:18 AM EST

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