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08/06/2006 Entry: "Sunday at the Office with Mac"

Happy Sunday all! Here's my rundown for the weekend, and it's not even over yet!

Friday night? Uneventful. Mowed the lawn. Steaks on the grill for the girls. (The boys ate before I was home from work.) Some TV, some web stuff, then bed.

Saturday morning we went to the Lobster Festival parade. Julia was on the church float. Susan and I watched with the boys. After that, we had a little cook-out with family. We had burgers, dogs, and what cousin Sarah's man Brian called a "Wheel of Meat." It was one of those giant coiled sausages. With some Pepper Trio Mustard, it was way yummy. Since I was mostly caught up on my chores, I took a little nap. I played my gig with the steel drum band at the festival from 6-8pm. After that, I caught a little of Blood, Sweat, and Tears who were playing on the Main Stage. I picked up some fried dough and cotton candy for Susan, and then home.

Sunday morning, and we got ready for church. Interim pastor Chris was gone again, so I prepared a little Sunday School lesson on demons. (Dwane taught a class two weeks ago on angels; this was part two, though he didn't know it!) The boys got feverish during church, so we had to leave. I picked up some Chinese food for lunch. After that, I got ready for tonight's church service. I'm doing a little "break out group" on Martin Luther and his 95 Theses. We'll see if anyone comes!

Right now, I'm in the office formating some Mac laptop hard drives. As soon as this last one is done, I'm headed home to wash dishes.

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