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08/07/2006 Entry: "Glutton for Punishment"

So we at the office got in on a deal for some used iBooks. They were used school models, so we had to take a little gamble: yes they were cheap, but they were "owned" by middle school students. We got most of them up and working ok, but two are being stubborn. And I don't know what it is about me and computers, but I HATE to give up. I'll get all wound up over "Why isn't this working!" And that happened today. I put in WAY too much time trying to figure out why these two machines won't work. They just won't. I should cut "my" losses. Here's the thing: they're not for me! I should just say "Look, guys, they don't work. You can buy 'em for $50 broken, or I'll sell them on ebay." But nooooo, I can't work that way. Instead, I try everything I can think of to get them working. Different OS's, different discs, loaded from firewire via DVD, booted from a CD ROM, you name it. But I just couldn't get them to work. Finally, at almost 6pm tonight, I threw in the towel. They're not working, and for the life of me it tears me up that I don't know why they're not working. But they're not, and I can't devote anymore time to it. Sorry Mac and Gamgee.

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I had an iBook. I loved the iBook. I was gentle with the iBook but used it hard core every day for almost three years. It died on me. We reloaded the software onto it. Worked great for two weeks and then died again. My tech worked on it and worked on it...and even transplanted a new HD into it....but she just gave up sad I hate being macless!

Posted by Amy @ 08/08/2006 06:28 PM EST

Macs DO rule

Posted by Jim @ 08/08/2006 11:12 PM EST

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