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08/09/2006 Entry: "Better News on the Mac Front"

Well, I was able to get two of those three last Macs up and running. Only one ended up doing me in. I think it has a hard drive problem. One time in 10 it would boot. The other nine it would just look up at me and blink.

What other news? Well, not so much, really. My drum student didn't show tonight, so I helped Susan feed the kids supper and get them in bed. Then I went back to the office to work on, you guessed it, another Mac. This one was no trouble, though. When I got home from there, I made Susan and myself some burgers on my super griddle. (Thanks again, Mom!)

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about Joe Liberman's loss. If ever there was a Democrat I would ever remotely consider voting for, it would be him. Certainly not my ideal candidate, but I will say that I do respect him, and I hope he wins in his bid as an independant.

Oh, (part 2) I should also tell you about my new snare drum.


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