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08/27/2006 Entry: "Jim's MI-5"

Labor Day is coming and for many people that spells a sort of end to the formal summer. This week we look back a bit at summer.

1. What was the best thing you did this summer as in most fun or most positive?
I had a lot of fun spending the day at Santa's Village with my familly. Spending the night in the hotel was a litter tougher, though.

2. What accomplishment did you want to make this summer that you wanted to make?
Well, I got the new door painted on the side of the house--the main entrance door. And the trim is painted on the front door.

3. Was there anything you wanted to do this summer that you were unable to do?
I didn't get the garage painted of the deck.

4. Is there anything you want to get done before the true end of summer in a few more weeks?
Well, I need to get the front door painted. And if I could get the deck painted, I'd really feel good.

5. Do you have any thoughts about next summer and anything you want to do?
No. I can't plan that far ahead. About next Saturday is as far ahead as I'm comfortable planning.

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