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12/15/2006 Entry: "Amy's Mish-Mash MI-5"

1. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you don't necessarily wear but can't bare to get rid of?
No. I do have some stuff that I don't wear that I SHOULD get rid off. Some day, when I'm in the cleaning mood, I'm sure I will.

2. Tell me two favorite christmas decorations you own...(or two favorite items you own)
My grandmother (Ma) had a set of ornaments: one each yellow, blue, white, and pink. They're kinda frosted glass, with "Happy Holidays" (or some other sentiment) written on them. As a kid, I always like the pink one. Ma has since given it to me. That's probably my favorite. I also have some nice drum ornaments I've been given over the years, and there's one with Julia's picture in it that I like very much too.

3. Give me three favorite christmas foods, tunes, or traditions (or one of each)
Food? Maybe those yellow foil-wrapped peanut butter bon-bons that Wal-Mart sells each Christmas. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" would have to be the tune. Tradition would be egg nog after opening presents at Ma's house on Christmas Eve.

4. Name four of your favorite things about ___________(you fill in the blank first....can be person, place or thing)
Normally, I'd pick Susan. I've already done a list of favorite things about her, though. So instead, I'll post my four favorite things about being a musician!
1) You get to play drums.
2) Since you have to play the drums, you have to buy drums!
3) Since you have to take the drums with you, you get to buy cool cars like station wagons and minivans.
4) You get to work with great musicians, and, if you're doing things right, have fun.

5. Name five favorite blogs or websites I might not know about:
Most of the blogs I frequent are posted on my page. There are some, though, that I don't visit every day.
Maine Foodie.
Brian's brother, the doctor, posting from Iraq. (This one's relatively new to me.)
I used to read Citizen Keith, but his blog went far too political. I also used to read Textism, but Dean's now posting like twice a year! Biz Stone seemed to go on hiatus after his new job at Google, but it looks like he's posting again.

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