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12/22/2006 Entry: "Jim's MI-5"

Jim says: "This week are questions that loosely center around Christmas and things that happen at Christmas."

1) Lots of people put their Christmas shopping on a credit card. I think most everyone has had at least one credit card even if they don't have one now. What is the best credit card company you have ever dealt with?

I can tell you which one I don't like! I guess I don't have any particular one that I like. Our current card is with MBNA, who is now owned by the company I don't like. As some point we'll change, I'm sure, we just haven't yet.

2) Illness is rampant this holiday season and the cold season is upon us. Tell us about the worst sickness or illness you ever had.

When I was a freshman in college, I got walking pneumonia. I was out for a week. When I got back to class, I was swamped! I was so behind, just from that week. It was then that I switched majors from Jazz and Contemporary Music to General Studies, and that change lead to my major in English. So that one week illness was pretty important to me.

3) Christmas can be a time of secrets. Many of us know things others don't know for whatever reason. Tell us something you know that you feel most people donít know?

I have a friend who told me a secret, and I've never revealed it to anyone--not even Susan. So, there's something I know that most people don't. Also, when needed, I can keep a secret.

4) Some people love to just get out of town for Christmas. Tell us about an American city you have never visited that you would like to visit and why?

Austin, Texas. All that music and BBQ--it must be one of the greatest cities in the world!

5) It seems like lately that every Christmas season has to have some controversy around it due to the religion side of things. It depends on who you talk to. What constitutes a religious holiday to you as opposed to a secular one? Use examples of holidays in your answer.

I will say I've already read Jim's answer. His thought is if a holiday started as a religious holiday (like Thanksgiving), it's religious. I don't like that angle. That makes Halloween a religious holiday; after all, it has religious roots. I think it depends on the context of where a culture is at any particular moment. For many people, even Christmas isn't a religious holiday. To me, it is. So is Easter, but again, many people think Easter = bunny and eggs. The Apostle Paul tells us that some people will esteem one day above another, and some people will treat every day the same, and no matter what side, we shouldn't get hung up on it.

5b) A Christmas Bonus question... What is your favorite part of Christmas? (if you have any)

The giving of presents. I really like to give them.

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