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01/03/2007 Entry: "New Year"

Aunt Ginny opined that no one was blogging. I can tell you, I had a weekend packed full. And really, I'm not going into the whole thing. What I will say, though, is that on New Year's I played two gigs in one night. I played from 6-8pm with steel drum band Steelin' Thunder, and then from 8:30 - 11:30 with Three Button Deluxe. Both bands received rave reviews from the press. Check these:

"The mood was joy and happiness all night long," said Mortier, who was busy trying to sign up several popular acts for next year's celebration. Among those at the top of her list were Three-Button Deluxe, a swing band whose music got kids, teens and seniors jitterbugging at the Waterfall Arts Center... Village Soup

"She kept one eye on the audience listening to Steelin’ Thunder, a 13-member community steel drum band that offered everything from calypso and jazz to rock n’ roll and classical music. The crowd ranged from children to grandparents and spilled out the door when seats ran out.

At Waterfall Arts in the former Anderson School, an older crowd jitterbugged around the dance floor while musicians in zoot suits from Three Button Deluxe played swing music from the 1940s and ’50s." The Republican Journal, complete with photo of me in a purple zoot!

"Three Button Deluxe was such a hit at the Waterfall Arts center, where "people were dancing like crazy," she said, that the band will be moved to a larger venue next year." Bangor Daily News

How was your New Year's?

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