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01/05/2007 Entry: "The Workstation MI-5"

This week's MI-5 was inspired by the items in my workspace:

1) Pictures: Do you have pictures around your work area? Who are they of? Why are they there?

I have two pictures in frames on my desk. My beloved wife is in one. My flower of loveliness is in the other. For some reason, I don't have a framed photo of the boys on my desk. I must get that corrected. I also have two "brag books" that Susan made me. They're small scrapbooks that I can look through, with all kinds of nice photos of the kids.

2) Mouse: What's your mouse like? A simple two button job, or the even more simple Mac one button number? Or maybe a roller ball?

I have two mice at my desk, as I run two computers. My Mac Mini is the machine I use for email, web browsing, and most other stuff. On that machine, the mouse (which I use with my left hand) is a Microsoft Intelli-Mouse Optical. I hate mice with roller balls. This mouse also has two buttons on the side in addition to the three on the top. I use them to control forward and back on my web browser. The center wheel is also a button, and that's set for double click. I bought this style mouse at Sam's Club a few years ago. I liked it so much, I bought a second one for the office. Yup, the mouse I use at work was purchased by me.

On my other computer--a Windows machine with the mouse on my right--I have a plain Jane two button, one scroll wheel optical mouse. The scroll wheel isn't even set for double click! I need to download the correct drivers for it.

3) Snacks: I have snacks at my desk. Do you have them at yours? What are they?

I have a drawer full of high quality chocolate. Jim, Paddy, and Gina frequently hook me with good dark chocolate. Jim's like a chocolate pusher to me! I also have a bag of mint Milano cookies that came from, can you guess, Jim.

4) Pens: Have you got a favorite style of pen? A certain color you fancy? Tell us!

I do have a special pen that my friend Rick gave me. It's a little mini pen that's rather small. When you put the cap on end in order to write with it, it feels like a full size pen. I also keep a red pen on my desk, as I use it for editing. I also use it to cross things off the "to do" list. I write the list in black, and cross stuff off with red.

5) The calendar: It's a new year--have you got a new calendar up? What's on it? Why did you pick that one?

My "secret Santa" in 2005 (Aunt Suzy--or maybe Unk) got me a giftcard to Bookland. I used it just a few days ago to buy a Van Gogh calendar. I like to write on my calendars, so I like the ones with the pictures above, and full space to write on below. I like Van Gogh, so it was an easy choice. It also came with four free magnets!

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I take exception to your comment about the "plain Jane" mouse! Where did that expression come from anyway?!

Posted by Jane @ 01/08/2007 09:59 AM EST

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