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03/20/2007 Entry: "Illness Has Entered the Batty House"

Who'd a thought? This Sunday was the first Sunday in five weeks that we were all in church together. Just when you thought everyone was well, something other bug comes a knockin'. It started with Matthew on Sunday night. Stomach bug thing. He couldn't keep his supper down. Thrice in the night he was up. Why is it your kids are always sick at night, in bed? They never throw up outside. Never when they're near the bathroom. Always in the bed. Monday, he seemed ok. Last night? Sick again.

I woke up at 5am, and my stomach was churning. I got up at 5:30; I just couldn't take anymore. You know that feeling of "I wish I could just be sick"? That was me for most of the day. There was something going on at the office at 3:30pm that I needed to be at, and I figured I'd come home after that. No such luck. I did get word to my Mom though that I wouldn't be at Bible study tonight. I came home, and was freezing. (I'd been cold all day.) Temp was 100. So it's official: I'm sick again too.

And now, at about 8pm, Julia V is sick too. Her school day tomorrow is only a 1/2 day, so she'll be staying home. I really should go to work tomorrow, but we'll see what the rest of the evening brings.

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Sounds alot like what has been going on at my house the past 3 weeks. We keep passing it round and round. I hope you feel better soon!

Posted by Michelle @ 03/20/2007 10:17 PM EST

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