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04/05/2007 Entry: "Props to Some Peeps"

Shawn, formerly of Asbestos Den, has a new blog: Comics Pundit. I checked it out, and lo and behold, he's made me a new 88 button.

Thanks Shawn!

Also to my Mom. She's gone crazy on me recently. We try to do nice things for each other. She cuts my hair. Her bills to midcoast.com somehow get paid, yet her checks don't get cashed. A CD from my Amazon wish list shows up. The salesperson at the local computer store won't take her payment for a new scanner. I think she may have trumped me, though. This showed up for me yesterday. At first I suspected Susan, who mentioned me and said watch on her blog recently. But she said it wasn't her. So then I suspected my Mom. And sure enough, they left her name on the packing slip. So thanks, Mom, it's really great, and I really love it. I don't think I'll be able to tag you back for this one.

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That is a beautiful watch. I have a bit of a watch fetish, and am a sucker for moon phase watches, in case you didn't know, and that is really, really gorgeous. Your mom rocks!

Posted by Genova @ 04/05/2007 07:41 PM EST

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