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04/06/2007 Entry: "Susan's Unpredictable MI-5"

My beloved wife Susan says: "The weather in Maine is wacky & unpredictable, and so are the questions."

1. How do you react when Plan A becomes Plan B?
OK, I guess. Probably Susan is the better one to answer how I react. As long as there's proper communication about changes in plans, I'm cool. Of course, if someone tells me they'll meet me at 5pm, and then a 6pm they show up and are all "Hey, man, plans changed," well, I'm not to OK with that.

2. What is under your bed?
Ask Susan. I know my stuff that's under there. Some stuff belongs to her, of course. My stuff, is I think all art prints.

3. If you had a million dollars what would you buy first?
A bigger house for us. Then, a trailer by a brook for Mom.

4. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

5. When you were a teenager what did you think your life would be like at the age you are now?
Well, I figured I'd be either a musician or a chef. I got 1/2 right. I thought I'd be married to Susan. I got that right. I didn't factor in three kids, and especially not twins. I figured I'd have kids, but I thought I'd stop at two. The whole public relations/marketing thing wasn't something I thought about until after college. And certainly, even a year ago, managing an Internet company wasn't on my radar.

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Hey Billy,

I too have sent money to Kevin Pinson, only to hear sad lies and reasons why I would never see my money or my drums. I only lost about $300, but was more concerned at being lied to. He did make me a small 3 piece set that sounds and looks great. Too bad a talented dude like him can't be more professional.


Posted by Michael Osborn @ 04/18/2007 03:15 PM EST

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