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04/11/2007 Entry: "Strange Sleep Patterns"

I usually have pretty steady sleep habits. My alarm is set for 5:50am. I almost never hear it, as I'm always up before it. Usually, at 5:45, I'm up and out of bed. For the last three mornings, though, I've been up earlier than that. In fact, Monday and Tuesday I woke up at 4:45am. This morning, it was 4:30! So I've just been lying there, maybe sleeping for three or four minutes, waking up, look at the clock, see it's now 4:40, drop off for a few more minutes, repeat. What's the deal?

You probably won't get any more posts from me until Friday. I'm crazy busy for the next week or so. I'm busy at the office, I'm busy in the evenings, I'm just busy. Tonight I'm at a gig, playing Jazz at a business function.

In other music news, I finally won a WWII era snare drum.

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My sleep pattern is all messed up too. I have been waking up at 4:00. I watch TV until 5:00, when I just give up. Today I gave up at 4:20. Had a stiff neck. Got up to watch "America's Next Top Model" on the DVR. Oh--to be able to sleep until 6:00 again--especially with school vacation starting!

Posted by Lisa @ 04/11/2007 02:21 PM EST

I am sorry

Posted by Jim @ 04/13/2007 07:42 PM EST

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