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04/14/2007 Entry: "Gina's MI-5"

Gina says: "Today's questions.... an eclectic group. Let's find out about YOU!"

1) If you were responsible for casting a new film about Jesus Christ, which current actor would you give the role to and why?

I'm not really sure. I'm not into Hollywood that much, so I'm not really up on actors and all that. And, I keep going back to those actors who have already played Jesus. I guess they seemed to do the roll well enough that I'd probably just ask them to do it. (On a side note, notice my two picks have sort-of "rugged" faces. I'm not sure why that is.)

2) If you had to recall a time in your life when your self-esteem was at it’s highest, when would you say that was? And why?

I'm not really sure. I think my self esteem has run at about the same level since I can remember.

3) What is the most creative outlet that you have?

Playing drums. The bands I play in all allow me to play what I want, how I want, and without any real limits. I can't be silly about it; I can't play "Mustang Sally" in a bar as a Waltz, but I can play the song with whatever feel, intensity, and groove I want, so long as it works within the song.

4) If you had to name the emotion that you waste the most time on, what would it be. Feel free to elaborate.

Depression. They don't call me bipolar bear for nothing. When I start off having that "bad day," it's frequently hard for me to pull out of it.

5) Complete the phrase “I love my life when…,”

It's a Saturday, I've had a good night's sleep, and I have no real plans for the day. I can do whatever I want!

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