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04/16/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

How's everyone? Good! Glad to hear it! Here's the weekend wrap-up.

Friday night? I don't even remember.

Saturday. In the morning, I got up with the boys. I made some blueberry muffins. I worked on some web sites. I had to go into the office for a little bit too. I don't remember the rest, really.

Sunday, and it was Susan's favorite: bacon and eggs. Too bad she really didn't get to enjoy it. She wasn't feeling well. (She still isn't feeling well.) I took the kids to church, and Susan stayed home to rest. I taught Sunday School, and got through one verse! When we got to Mom's for lunch, I wasn't feeling too well, so I didn't eat any of Lisa's meatloaf. (Actually, I didn't eat anything.) I got a hair cut from Mom, and headed home for a little nap. In the evening, I went back to church. Susan still wasn't feeling well, so we headed right home after church.

And that was it!

The end.

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