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06/17/2007 Entry: "Happy Father's Day"

I'm having a great Father's day! Here's what's happened so far, and it's not even noon!

Yesterday, Susan asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said "Scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, and coffee." She gave me her famous "hairy eyeball," one eyebrow raised, head slightly cocked to one side. "Or," I said, "One of those Entenmann's cheese filled coffee cakes." Because Susan isn't much by way of making breakfast, I knew it would be the coffee cake.

I woke up this morning, and something smelled delicious! I thought to myself "Susan's making breakfast?!" Then I thought "No, she's making that casserole for our friend who just had surgery." Still, it did smell a lot like bacon. I decided to go downstairs and investigate. And what was on the griddle?

DSCF0047 (6k image)

Oh my! I can't tell you how much this relatively simple gesture means. Susan hates making this kind of breakfast. It's just not her thing. Hey, eggs really aren't the easiest things to make. It takes a little time to figure it out. They're easy to overcook. This entire breakfast was great!

And that wasn't all! Julia made me a hand-colored folder to keep important papers in. The boys bought me a new cleaning brush for the grill. And Susan bought me a digital picture frame. She spent last evening filling it with photos. Since today was billing day, I took it into the office and set it on my desk. I set it to change photos every 30 seconds, and with so many photos on there, it will take me some time to notice them all. It's like a little surprise every 30 seconds!

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