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08/27/2007 Entry: "The Furniture Weekend Wrap-Up"

Friday night, I left the office, ready for a real week end: no gigs, no work at the office. We had our new pastor and his wife over for supper. After that was done, Pastor Dave and I went to the church to get the baptismal ready for Sunday, while Susan and Josie stayed and chatted. We were back at about 9pm, and we both now have a really good knowledge of the plumbing at Harmony Bible Church. :-) We talked for another hour or so, and then they took off about 10pm. I then went to bed, knowing I had an early morning. (Oh, and Matthew chucked up his dinner.)

6:30, and the boys are up and ready to go. I get up and make some coffee. When Susan gets up around 8am, I start getting ready for my big project: Susan's hoosier. I had taken it apart and sanded it last weekend (I think). This weekend it was time for paint. The inside is a sort of a dark sage green, and the outside is a sort of off white/brown. (Once I get it inside, I'll snap a photo.) I finished around noon, I guess, maybe a little later. Oh, and it was HOT! I was drinking ice tea like, well, like it was really hot out! Once Susan and the kids got home (having spent some time at the library), we headed off to Augusta. Why? Well, we needed some furniture! Susan was looking for a hutch type item for our recently renovated dining room, and we desperately need some new A/V furniture for the living room. We checked out Sams Club, Super Wal-Mart, Kohls (no furniture at all), and Circuit City. Nothing fit our needs. We had a late lunch/early supper around 5pm at Red Robin, and Matthew chucked it up. That, coupled with the fact I wasn't real hungry to begin with, meant I took most of my pulled pork fajitas home. Once back in the mid-coast, I went back to the church to do some more baptismal stuff, then home, then bed.

Sunday morning. Coffee. Donuts. Off to church. I'm grumpy. Why? No real reason. I had nursery, so I didn't actually witness the baptism I'd been preparing for for three days. We had a luncheon at church to celebrate the baptism, so we were home from church fairly early. Well, we did have to make one side stop for Susan. (On a side note, our Wal-Mart had these on clearance for $49. Too bad they're WAY to narrow for a real audio system, or I'd have bought another one. Don't think of it as an "audio pier." Think of it as enclosed bookcase.) I got a little nap in. Well, I didn't really nap. I rested and watched The Dirty Dozen. Then I started work on assembling the bookcase. Neighbor Michael stopped by, and lent a hand. Due to poor directions, we had to back track a couple times, but if you've ever assembled furniture, you know that's par for the course. Evening church was good, and then home again. The kids ate their leftovers from Red Robin. Matthew? Yup. Again. Three times in three days. I said to Susan "Why can't this kid hold down his supper?" I don't know. I had supper, then went to bed.

Thus ended the weekend.

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Wow....what a hectic weekend. I can't wait to see pictures.

I'm not sure how long I have to put in but I know by the time the boys are ready for college (14 years for alex, 15 for Josh) It will be free. Eventually I will probably work there full time when the boys go to real school so that will be even better.

Posted by Michelle @ 08/28/2007 03:12 PM EST

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