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09/28/2007 Entry: "Jim's Fall MI-5"

It is now fall and with that change we say goodbye to many outdoor activities for another year. This five is mostly about indoor things we do when the weather isn't so warm anymore.

Listening to Music
1. What was the first musical album (record, tape, cd etc...) that you purchased and do you still listen to it?

The first album I bought was called Radio Active. Mine was, of course, on 8-track. I no longer have it. It may be at Mom's house.

2. What are you reading right now and if you aren't reading anything tell us the last book you read and if it is/was good.

I'm reading The Jesus Family Tomb. Chip in the MIS Newcastle office brought the Discovery Chanel TV show to my attention. I'd not heard of it. I've been looking for it on the Tivo, but they're not replaying it for some reason. So Susan checked the book out for me at the library. For those of you not familiar with the story, they found a tomb with 10 bone boxes (ossuaries) in it. There was a Mary, a Mariamne (supposedly Mary Magdeline's real name), a Joseph, a Jesus son of Joseph, a Matthew (how he got in there is a little strange), and a "Judas son of Jesus."

3. Do you have any favorite cool weather foods you enjoy? Please feel you can share a recipe if you have one.

I have this sausage soup that I love. Also, roasted squash.

4. Do you enjoy the parties that cold weather can bring such as Christmas, New Years and Valentines? Tell us about a memorable one...

Sure, I like 'em. Memorable ones? Where, there was this one Christmas party where I was a DJ, and some girl I used to know from Sunday School years ago came up to me, and was, um, coming onto me a little. Her boyfriend jumps on stage, and decides he needs to beat me up. A bunch of other people, who saw what was really going on, came on stage, pulled him down, and said (though not verbatim), "Dude, maybe you ought to take your wife home." Later, the owners of the business apologized for the behavior of their employee--the girl!

The oddball question
5. You can relate this to our theme if you want or you don't have to if you don't want to. As a child did you ever think something crazy that as you got older you realized wasn't true?

That my father could predict the future, specifically when a red traffic light would change to green. He could snap his fingers, and BAM, a red light would turn green.

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