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10/01/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up (Sick)"

I've been on vacation. Everything's been fine. I was able to get the garage painted. On Saturday, I took some time to paint the window sills too. Even the ones on the second floor. I headed out to Brunswick for my gig. I had to stop by Target first, and Blind Al and I grabbed supper at Arbys. When we got to the gig, I commented how sleepy I felt. Sometimes at a gig, around the third set (say just before midnight), I start to drag a little. It seemed odd to me that I would feel so draggy before I even started playing. It was obvious, though, as the night wore on that something was wrong. My joints felt really sore. I could hardly lift my arms. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I fell asleep on a break. I was miserable. I didn't bother to stop for gas or a snack on the way home. When I got home at about 2pm, I took my temperature: 100.3.

I stayed home from church on Sunday. In fact, I slept until 12:30pm! I didn't go to church in the evening, either. I was still running a fever. I went to bed last night at 8pm. At around 3am, Susan said to me "Are you ok? Can I help you with something?" I said "No, why?" She said "Well, you're moving around a whole lot." I got up, went downstairs, and took my temp: 100.4. I knew at that point I wouldn't be going to work, even though I'd been on vacation for a week! Rather than go back to bed, I decided I just stay up, and not bother Susan. (This morning she reported she doesn't even remember our conversation.) I watched some great TV, including a documentary on the Knights Templar, and an infomercial on some blender thing call the bullet something or other.

It's now about 2pm, and I'm feeling much better. Who knows, maybe this evening I'll go into the office, just to try and get caught up.

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I hope you are feeling better- there is some weird stuff going around here...and it doesn't help that this building is like a germ habitat because there is no air! hehe

Posted by Amy @ 10/03/2007 11:39 AM EST

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