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10/04/2007 Entry: "The "Crashing the Borrowed Fire Truck" Dream"

I had a dream I borrowed someone's fire engine last night. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow I ended up parked on a hill, facing up. When it came time to take off, I couldn't get the clutch/emergency brake thing figured out, and I started to roll down the hill. I stomped on the breaks, but didn't have enough strength to stop it. I was rolling backwards, out of control, trying to steer with the mirrors is a borrowed fire truck. At one point, I sang "Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands!" OK, not really. But I did pray. I ended up cutting the wheel hard, and I ended up on my two side wheels! When I came to a stop, I was on Gilbert Post's front lawn in Spruce Head. The fire truck had a small dent in the top of side rail, but other than that it was fine. Unfortunately, somehow, Gilbert had suspended something over his lawn--some kind of awning or roof or something. I came in under that while on two wheels. Since I was tipped when I came in, I fit under the roof on the way in. Now that I was upright, though, I was too tall to drive out. I was contemplating how to get out, and how to explain the dent to the owner, when I woke up.

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Maybe it's a thing with being sick - I've had a sinus infection the past few days & had 2 dreams both of which involved an auto accident although both of mine were off a bridge into water - is there some symbolism I am missing here?

Posted by Melanie @ 10/04/2007 05:45 PM EST

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