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11/30/2007 Entry: "Let's Actually Talk Chairs!"

"The Philosopy of Chairs" is not about chairs. Well, it's usually not about chairs. I've told you before about my want for a corner chair. In fact, I posted about it as early as June of 2001. (That was back in my way early blogging days, when I was still using Blogger.)

Well, after 15 years or so of looking, I finally found one. This is not the actual chair, but it's darned close. So, here's the Billy Rhythm "hard to find but actively seeking out things" wish list:

Tama Rosewood Snare Drum
Corner Chair
Copy of Wyeth's "Sailor's Valentine" (Actually, since I found one for Lisa, I'd like to find one for me, so put that back on the list.)
A copy of Reynoso's "La Gorda" (I need to blog about this one.)
A fire truck

The list is getting rather small!

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