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01/14/2008 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday night? Hmm. I don't really recall. I think there was a movie... Ah, yes, that's right. Ray, a staffer in the Newcastle office, has been telling me about Open Season for some time. So we watched that with the kids.

Saturday morning, and the pastor and his wife came over for breakfast: eggs, cinnamon swirl french toast, bacon, sausage, juice, and coffee. In the late morning/early afternoon, I did some web work while Susan took the boys to the library and to do some shopping. Julia stayed home with me and "cleaned" her room. In the afternoon, I thought I might take a nap, but felt too guilty about wasting time sleeping, so I re-wallpapered the upstairs hallway. Julia and I walked to the grocery store to return the movie and pick up a few things. Susan made her yummy home made pizza for supper. I think we then played the Diego game with the boys, while Julia continued to "clean" her room.

Sunday morning, and I whipped up some muffins from a mix. The lemon/poppyseed were good; the mixed berry were not. Church in the morning, and Susan made chili for lunch. I did take about a 45 minute nap in the afternoon while watching some trick shot pool tournament on TV. I washed some dishes while listening to Click and Clack in the late afternoon, then back to church. Supper last night was leftover pizza. Bed.

Upcoming this week? Snow. Billing day. No gigs, though.

Until next time.

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