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05/26/2008 Entry: "The Holiday Weekend Wrap Up"

Let's start with Friday night. Not much happened. Why? Well, Cameron shanghai'd me to help him out on Matinicus. What was supposed to take us until 4pm at the latest ended up getting me home at 7:30. After almost a 12 hour workday, I was beat. We were supposed to have steak. I didn't even bother. I think I pretty much just went to bed.

On Saturday morning, I got up, and grabbed some donuts for the fam for breakfast. At 9am, I was at Pastor Dave's house, helping him move. That was over about lunch time, so I snagged some hot dogs at the grocery store, and then went home and made lunch for everyone. I took a little nap in the afternoon, and then played a local gig with the steel drum band. (Congrats on the wedding, Brenda!) I was home relatively early again.

On Sunday morning, Matt was feeling well; he was complaining his ear and his mouth hurt. And he was running a fever. I made some phone calls, and got people to cover for me at church, and I stayed home with him. I think I cleaned the kitchen too. My Mom sent some lunch my way, but I wasn't hungry, so I took a little nap with Susan. In the evening, we went to Julia's baptism service, and that seemed to go very well. She wanted Chinese food for supper, so she and everyone else had that, and I ate the lunch my Mom sent home.

Today was jam packed. The boys and I made a run to Wal-Mart and the grocery store. In the late morning, I put the new parts I'd bought into my grill. I spent $35, and essentially have a grill with all new guts inside. Once I had it together again, I threw some dogs and brats on it for lunch. Then we went to park in Rockport to play for the afternoon. We were home about 3pm, and the boys and I played in the backyard while Susan and Julia played "Life" inside. Supper was bone-in pork chops and white rice, and a tossed salad. Again, this was something Julia had been craving. Now, it's 7:30, and I'm posting this. Julia is here reading, and Susan is cleaning up from supper, getting ready for her shower.

All in all, an action packed weekend!

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