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05/29/2008 Entry: "Susan's MI-5"

Since I'll be in Bar Harbor this weekend, and since I don't know about the availability of WIFI down there, I'm posting my five a day early.

My beloved wife says: "This week I decided to get my questions from the WWW. I typed "getting to know you questions" into google & picked my five favorites."

1. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
~Forgive. I forgive readily. Forgetting is the hard part.

2. If, like the characters in the Wizard of Oz, you could choose a Heart, Courage, or a Brain--which would you take?
~Brain. Incidentally, in my only real acting role, I played the scarecrow in the 2nd grade, I think. I was the lead male, opposite Dorothy as played by Heather Sewall.

3. Have you ever wanted to change your first name? If so, to what?
~No. I have always liked my name. When I was younger, I liked it less than I do now, but I was still cool with it. Now, I wear the name with honor and pride, and a desire to live up to my namesake.

4. Which insect would you choose to eliminate from the world?
~I really don't like junebugs, but I don't run into them much anymore now that I live in the big city. Black flies and mosquitoes don't really like Birch St. in Rockland, so they don't bother me much, either. I guess I'd have to pick the little family of pill bugs living down in my basement near the sink.

5. If you discovered you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do for the rest of today?
~I would spend the next few hours with my children, and then the last few hours with my wife.

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