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06/06/2008 Entry: "Lisa's Bucket List MI-5"

My sister says: "I actually got the idea for this week’s MI-5 from Question 5 from last week. It’s probably not too original, and maybe we’ve even done it before, but---let me see your bucket list!! Tell me 5 things you want to see, do, complete, or accomplish before you leave this world. On second thought, give me 2 Bucket Lists---one list of 5 things that you are reasonably certain you WILL be able to cross off your list, and another list of 5 things that may be much more unlikely for you to accomplish."

Things I'm reasonably certain I can accomplish before kicking off:

1) Preach a sermon in a Sunday morning service. I've done a couple Sunday evening sermons, and I've led Bible studies and classes quite regularly. Those Sunday morning services, though, are a big deal. Though I've had ample opportunity over the last three years, I have yet to actually do it.

2) Buy a Victorian. Though my beloved wife has it on her "unlikely" list, that's probably more because of her desire to make it a B&B. I give us a 60-75% chance of owning a Victorian in our lifetime. It may be after the kids are grown, though!

3) Visit some foreign countries. On my list of places to visit: Bermuda or Puerto Rico, Italy, the UK, and Israel. I probably won't see them all, but I bet I'll get some of those in. Also, I want to see Texas.

4) Own a fire engine.

5) Go back to Disney World.

Now, here are the five I don't think I'll get around to:

1) Hang gliding.

2) Opening my own drum manufacturing business.

3) Play drums for Harry Connick's band.

4) Go out with Mariska Hargitay.

5). Meet Ringo.

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