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06/08/2008 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

There was a lot happening this weekend. I actually played in Portland on Thursday--and that's pretty rare.

After work on Friday, Susan and I went to Amalfi for our anniversary dinner. We loved the old place on Mn. St. Their new place, in the old MBNA building, is quite a bit bigger. I joked "They've got more staff here tonight than they had seats in the old place!" The food was good, but the vibe was gone. It was very slick--very big city. Susan and I prefer more "quaint."

Saturday, Susan and Julia had a hair appointment, so the boys and I hit the hardware store. I made some ribs on the grill for lunch, and did some pruning of the bushes out back. After I got the lawn mowed, we headed to Barley Joe's nursery to get some plants and herbs. I was going to make hamburgers on the grill for supper, but everyone was too tired. Most of the family had cereal. I had another prosciutto and pesto sandwich. Bed.

Sunday morning was church. Pastor Dave was visiting his new grandson in VA, so I led the adult Sunday School. We celebrated my sister's birthday at lunch. In the afternoon, we decided to beat the heat by washing the cars. At 3pm, my cell phone rang. "Bill, were you planning on coming to the gig today?" I completely forgot I had a 3:30 gig with the steel drum band at a local church. So I had to leave, Susan's van being 1/2 washed. After the gig, we headed off to evening church, where I hit quite a few clams on the bass. It was too hot to cook after church, so we all ate tuna sandwiches for supper. And now, the kids are in bed, and Susan's in the shower. I figured I'd get a jump on the week, and get this up.

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