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07/23/2008 Entry: "I'm Finally Doing My Own MI-5!"

Use this word equation, fill in the variable with each of the five words, and answer on your blog.

"If I were an "X," I'd be a (blank), and here's why..." For the variable X, insert each of these:

1) If I were a "snack cake," I'd be a Hostess lemon fruit pie, and here's why: I'm a little flaky, sweet on the outside, but in me lurks some bitterness. As a whole though, I'm quite like-able.

2) If I were a "car," I'd be a Honda Element, and here's why: I'm practical and frugal; homely, with an air of nostalgia. And, I'm good at lugging drums!

3) If I were a "kitchen utensil," I'd be a 10" chefs knife, and here's why: I'm handy in a kitchen, and I would prefer not to be dull. I'm also bigger than average, and that can make me a little unwieldy.

4) If I were a "famous rich person," I'd be Will Smith, and here's why: I'd be funny, yet talented. I'd be the kind of guy that, though famous, would still be down to earth. (A real low maintenance star, if you will.) All the girls would swoon over my good looks, yet I'd remain firmly loyal to my family.

5) If I were and "over the counter medicine," I'd be Alka Seltzer, and here's why: I'd tickle your nose, and make you want to burp! :-)

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I have been waiting patiently for you to do this MI5! I think these were very interesting and not as easy as one would think to answer smile. I like your answers...and I don't think the element is Homely...I think they are kicky and cute.

Posted by Amy @ 07/24/2008 12:04 AM EST

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