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08/07/2008 Entry: "Lobster Fest Float"

There are some pictures of Harmony Bible Church's award winning float in the gallery. Unfortunately, there aren't any good shots showing the entire float all built--just various stages of construction, though. For those of you not from Maine (read: Amy!), this is what a Maine lobster trap looks like. Well, the new ones look like that. The old ones were wood. Of course, when I say "new," I mean traps since the 1980s, I guess. It seems like Uncle Ted fished mostly wire traps when I was a kid, and Uncle Ash had some wire and some wood ones. And here in Rockland, we call 'em traps. I guess some places call 'em pots, but not around here. And when you're going to pull your traps, you're going "Out t' haul!"

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