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08/08/2008 Entry: "Amy's MI-5"

Amy says: "this is all about where YOU live":

1. If I were coming to visit you- what time of year would you suggest?
~October. The best of Maine is October. The air is crisp and cool, but not cold. There's a hint of woodsmoke on the breeze. The trees are all aflame in color. The bugs are gone, and so are the vast majority of the tourists. (But they are starting to catch on about Maine in the fall.) If it could be October year 'round, I'd take it.

2. Any specific things you would suggest I visit while there?
~You should take a walk down to Spruce Head Island. You should visit the Old Port in Portland. You should see some woods, too, not just the coast. Although it's a long hike, the area around Millinocket is quite lovely. Maybe a paddle on a nice lake? Espcecially if it's October!

3. Where should we eat?
~I think my sister suggested Wasses Hot Dogs. I second that. Paddy suggested Moodys. Another excellent choice. My beloved wife suggested Prism Glass... DON'T go there. If word gets out about that lovely, quaint little place, she and I will never get a seat there! And no one has mentioned Rockland's own Brass Compass yet--home of the Billy Rhythm burger! You have to try one of those, too.

4. Is there anybody I should meet?
~Well, you should meet the entire MI-5 cadre, of course! One of the neat things about living here in Maine are all the famous people who live here, but you don't know they live here. A famous football player has a home here. Famous computer folks are here, and lots of artists. There's this writer out on Islesboro I talk to every year--he asks for me by name. We've never met, only on the phone. Maybe you should meet him, and I could come with you and meet him too!

5. Where else should I visit in your state?
~Oh, I think I mentioned that in #2. Whoops!

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