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08/14/2008 Entry: "Sorry for the Comment Spam"

Some people who choose to visit this site regularly also choose to have a notice sent to them when something new gets posted. This includes when new comments are added. Over the last few days, I've been killed with comment spam. It used to be the spammers would find you if a post were left open for a week or 10 days. Now, they're finding me on something that's been posted the same day! I've been banning IP addresses, but that doesn't really help much. So I've had to close the commenting on some of the entries. It appears Greymatter, the software I use to run this site, has some updates that will help with the spam. Of course, I need to back everything up and install it, so that will take a few hours, but I hope to have it up soon. If that doesn't do it, I may have to move to Movable Type or Wordpress or something. I don't really want to do that, because I'm quite familiar with GM, and it works for me. But I've got to do something about the spam, and turning the comments off isn't really an option; a blog without comments is lame.

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I use to get klled with comment spam..and I still do but Akismet for wordpress kills it for me without me having to do a damn thing except go through my spam folder periodically....AND? Its never made a mistake yet by identifying something as spam that isn't. I heart akismet.

Posted by Amy @ 08/14/2008 11:17 AM EST

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