Here's my first GHOST pedal, before I reconditioned it.

My first introduction to the GHOST came in 1987-88. I was a Freshman in high school, and I shared study hall with a drum lover (who didn't really play) named Chris Clayton. Chris had a Ludwig Drum Catalog from the early '80s, I think. I seem to remember the catalog had the natural maple Big Beat kit with the American Eagle on it. A Vistalite Tivoli was also featured, as was the GHOST pedal. I was first drawn to the GHOST for aesthetic reasons. I liked the art deco look of the design, (which someone once said looked like an old building) and the circular springs. I also liked the color--a kind of silvery green. I had a book when I was younger, a "Hardy Boys" style Mystery called "The Mystery of the Green Ghost." I don't remember what the story was about, other than the cover (featuring a silvery green Ghost) was very cool. And, being a good Baptist, I'm into things like Ghosts...

13 years later, I bought these mid 70s red Vistalites, and they needed some work. I was buying up parts, and my 1958 WFLs already had a Speed King; and all drummers have to be familiar with that pedal. So I bought a GHOST. In doing some research online, I've found there wasn't any info on this pedal. So, I've made it my special quest--to make a web page dedicated to this pedal. And it's not because I'm so in love with it (although it is one great feeling pedal), but I think something as well known as The GHOST should have some kind of home on the net.

I hope you enjoy poking around. If you've got information that you think should be included here, by all means, drop me a line.




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