Thursday, November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving

You're not spending your whole day on the Internet, are you? Get out there with friends and family, and be thankful! And eat!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Thanksgiving Quiz

A little Thanksgiving questionnaire. Stolen from this cat website, by way of Maria.

1. Stuffing: baked inside the turkey, or separately? Separate. It's more sanitary. :-) That's not the real reason, though. I like the crunchy bits around the edges and top. In fact. this year I'm going to make it in a shallow pan to increase crustiness surface area.

2. Fresh or frozen turkey? I care not. Frozen is fine.

3. Cranberry sauce: jellied or whole berry? I care not. I despise the stuff. Cranberries rock Neddick, the sauce from which they are made blows.

4. Stay home or visit friends/relatives? It switches from year to year. One year, we go to my grandmothers (Ma), and the next year we host Sue's family at our house.

5. Do you cook Thanksgiving dinner, or let someone else do it? Well, I help when it's at our house. I usually have stuffing duty. And I help with whatever else is needed.

6. Traditional turkey dinner, or an alternative (such as vegetarian)? Traditional.

7. Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes? Both. Sweet potatoes need butter and brown sugar, though. Susan taught me...

8. Homemade gravy, or the jarred stuff? Homemade. The jarred stuff is for when you need a quick sandwich, and homemade isn't available.

9. What part of the turkey do you prefer...dark or white meat? Both.

10. After dinner: football or Christmas movies? Football is good for falling asleep to. I wouldn't want to fall asleep during a movie.

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Happiness is a Warm Gun is by John Lennon!

If you search Google for "happiness is a warm gun lyrics", your first to hits are for Tori Amos. She didn't write the song, people! John Lennon did. You should give him the credit, not her.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Lauging and Crying

I've told you before how Julia can make me laugh and cry at the same time. Not laugh so hard you start to cry, mind. But two seperate events--laughing and crying--just happening at the same time. I've been doing it all night. See, Julia has taken an interest in spelling. She sat on the couch and asked me "How do you spell Rhino? Bones? Baby?" And what amazed me was that she knew almost all the letters by herself. She needed help with the capital R, but that was about it. So I was happy she was so interested in reading and spelling. Yet I'm sad my little girl is growing up so fast! And I'm blessed she's so smart and funny. Yet I'm too young (at least I feel too young) to have a kid this old.

Right now, she's dancing in the living room, singing the lyrics to the multiplication song for eight from School House Rock. She's going to be five and already know her multiplication tables. And I just sit here crying.

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Random Quote Generator

I've added a random quote generator to the bottom of the page. I'm not finished yet. See if you like it. Some are funny, some are wise. The quotes I've added all have the author's name noted. The stock quotes don't, but I will change them out. Do you want to be quoted? Or would you like a particular quote in there? Leave it in the comments!

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Thank you to my sister

My sister has been asking me about my page recently. It looked different. I had been working on a new template for this page, but I didn't really like it, so I scrapped it. But I made one little mistake. I stuck the file in a folder I shouldn't have. So if you went to just, intstead of, you didn't get my little flash movie. Instead, you got that page I gave up on. Thanks to Lisa for bringing it to my attention.

Oh, and I'm posting from the office. I stayed here for lunch today. I think there are a million kids at my house today. So, I ate my breakfast (which I didn't eat this morning) for lunch, and am listening to Rush on the Internet. Who knows, I may crawl under the break table and take a nap.

Ooh, ooh! I don't have anything going on tonight! An evening at home! Yea!

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Thanks Chuck, Hot Sax, and the end of WSS

I want to say thanks to Chas. He bought a new filter for the Macquarium. The old undergravel filter wasn't working well, so he bought a Whisper Microfilter. It's way quieter. Way.

On tonight's show, Jim and I are going to play tunes highlighting the saxophone. Penelope from WBACH suggested it. She just got a new James Moody CD. James, of course, a saxaphone player for whom Moody's Mood for Love was written. Written by whom? You guessed it--Frank Stalone. No, actually, Eddie Jefferson wrote it.

West Side Story is done. I did ok, I guess. The greatest compliment was this: the pianist is working on Les Miserables for another troup in the area this summer. She asked me if I wanted to do it--the job was mine if I wanted it. The pay? $100. Per show? No, for the whole run! That's two weekends in prime gig time. I had to tell her no. I can't give up gigs that pay $100 a night to play for $15 a night. Simple economics, my friends. And that's why local theaters can't get the best musicians. Imagine what the summer musical scene would be if they paid for the best musicians! The shows would cook, draw a bigger crowd, and give them more net. I think.

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Yo, yo, yo! Wazzup?

Saturday morning. At the office. There's been plenty to do. West Side Story went on last night again. Again, a good show, I thought. (Cubby may disagree--I dunno.) I'm getting more and more of it down, the more I play it. (Duh!) Maybe Sunday, the last show, I'll finally play it through decent. If I'd had a month of rehearsals (Like the other troup in the area did), I'm sure I could finally do a bang up job.

Julia's been sick the last couple of days. Fever of 103. Complaining her head hurts. Sue took her to the doctor yesterday, but there was nothing they could find. She's just going to have to fight through it. She acted better this morning, but I didn't take her temp. She felt warm, but not as warm.

I've got a vacation coming up. The first week of December, I'm staying home. I think I'll use the time to rewallpaper the hallway. And I'm sure Julia would like a coat of pink paint on her wall. She's such a girly girl! Pink and purple, Barbie, dress-up, ballet--anything that little girls are "supposed" to like, she likes. I never would have believed that I would like being a father to a little girl as much as I do. She's just so great. I'd give her kisses and hugs all the time if she'd let me. Instead, she just says "Oh Daddy, not more kisses..."

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Friday, November 22, 2002

An early morning post

I forgot to post on West Side Story. We opened Friday night. The kids were awesome! How they turned it around in one day is beyond me. Thursday night, one actress dropped 2 lines in the same scene! Yet Friday, not a single person forgot a line! And the audience was appreciative too. And, they saw the humor in it as well. Some things that I didn't see as particularly funny took on new life. And my playing? Well, it was ok. My solo in "Cool" was pretty stinky. But not anything anyone but me would notice. I was able to handle the extra percussion and tympani parts pretty well. All in all, I thought I did pretty well--considering it was only my 4th time reading through it! That's right--I only had three rehearsals. The other drummer (who's already played the show for another local troupe) got the other two rehearsals.

I make no secret of my love of fire engines. Someday, I will have (note the imperative) an old fire truck to bomb around in. I think I will call it Spruce Head Engine #1, even if I don't live in Spruce Head. Ideally, it will be a late 20s Ahrens Fox. But they're quite expensive. I may have to go for a 40s/50s open cab American LaFrance. Anyway, Ron from Random Abstract sent me this link to a fire truck/trailer. More affordable, and easier to store. Perhaps not as pleasing to the eye as an Ahrens Fox or a Seagrave, but it may do in a pinch!

Also from Ron, this 10 Useful Grammar Hints. This is a PG-13 page. That means there are a few swear words on it, Mom.

I had this crazy dream the other night. I was leader of a Boy Scout troop in Spruce Head. We were standing between my parent's and grandmother's house, facing towards where Gene's pond used to be. We were skeet shooting. A 747 jet flew overhead. Behind it were three parachutes, acting as wind brakes. Behind those were targets at which we were shooting. (Not too safe, to be sure.) The next thing I know, the parachute/brake system ripped. The pilot opened the throttle, and put the nose up, to gain some altitude. He made a counter-clockwise circle, and came around on another pass. This second time, though, he didn't level out. The left wing stayed down. He was heading for the ground. Before I knew it, he had crashed into the old ball field across from the Spruce Head Community Church, right in downtown Spruce Head. We ran to the scene. There was nothing there but black ash. No parts, no fire, no pieces, no nothing. The plane had just disintegrated.

Hmm. I'm flying to Florida in a couple of weeks.

(I put that in there just to freak Susan out.)

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Monday, November 18, 2002

Dear Dad

I'm at the station doing my show right now. I'm burning a cd of it for you. I hope you'll like it. If not, pretend you do.

Also, if you call my house, when I say "Hello?" you need to answer immediately. Telemarketers have that little pause before they start talking. So I say "Hello?" Pause. Click. That click is me hanging up. Just warning you.

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Friday, November 15, 2002

Another Rolling Bomber!

Have I mentioned I love snare drums? I need to scratch the itch, I think. Here's a Slingerland Rolling Bomber on ebay. I love these drums.

So this weekend... West Side Story tonight. Work tomorrow. Jazz gig at 6pm. I love to play jazz. Paddy and Dave on bass and guitar. And, as a special treet, Bruce on Sax. Should be fun.

I hate web browsers! None of them work the same. If your looking at this page in Netscape 4.x, it looks awful. It's got something to do with tables inside of tables. Netscape 6 is fine. Mozilla fine. Internet Explorer fine. Netscape 4 blows! The cell on the right is not the right size. It's too big. And I can't figure out why. It's wrong on both PC and Mac. So, Netscape users--upgrade!

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Bubinga! Snare! Yumm! Christmas is coming! Hint to wife and family!

BUBINGA!!! Wow, what a purty drum. Olive ash hoops. MMMmmm. Add this to the list!

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Beer Review #6

It's my goal to get these beers drunk before they're a year old. So tonight, I had the Sam Smiths Pale Ale. Another good one! It's much like a Bass, but less filtered. In fact, there was still some yeastiess down at the bottom of my bottle and glass. This pale was more malty than a Bass, with a bit more hop zing on the entry, but dry on the finish. Quite good. Of course, everything I've had from Sam Smiths is good. And, I've got more Sam to come. It's just about Oatmeal Stout time!

According to the prophecy of: Billy Rhythm [Link]

Browser stuff, coffee, and what-not

Dag Nabitt! Sorry for the harsh language. My boss was telling me about the new Mozilla 1.2 browser. I had been using 1.0. "It's much faster" he said. So I downloaded it. One little problem. It's changed all my fonts! Some things look great, and other things look like dog doo-doo. I wish I'd left well enough alone. Still, it's a darn site better than Netscape 4.7x.

So at the office, we get good coffee. Life's too short to drink cheap coffee, eh? Whomever makes the coffee run usually gets a real dark roast, something really rich and full bodied, and then something new and unusual. Enter Indian Malabar. great name. It scores very high on the cool name factor--right up there with Tanzinian Peaberry. That's where the goodness ends, however. This coffee blows! It's awful. No one in the office likes it. No one. And we can't agree on coffee ever. But this time, we did. It was so bad, that someone made a batch of 1/2 Indian Malabar, and 1/2 something else. Even that was undrinkable. We put the bag of beans on the front counter, and a little note that said "free to a good home."

And about that quiz that I made. Some interesting things came up. First, no one got the clear drums question right. Everyone thought I wanted the very rare green Vistalites, or the somewhat rare yellow. Nope. I want the most common color of all: clear. Why? I'm not sure. I just think if you're going to have drums you can see through, you should really be able to see through them. Yellow would be next on the list, though. (In fact, I had a chance to buy a yellow Vista kit for $400 once. Man, I should've!)

Also, people got wrong what I would drink on a deserted island. Most people thought Booker's bourbon, followed by Geary's Hampshire Special Ale. Now, I do like both of those things. But I'm not a lush, for crying out loud! Remember that beer basket Jim bought me for my birthday last year--almost a year ago? There were 10 beers in it. I have 4 left. I have maybe one drink a week. Now milk is another story. I go through about a gallon every 2 1/2 days. That's my main liquid.

My mom got the question wrong about what I slept in. She said "nothing!" I couldn't believe it! She said she was protesting even being asked that question.

I haven't mentioned that Julia asked a boy to kiss her a couple of weeks ago. She's 4, and asking boys for kisses. Luckily, they were both in car seats, so he could only kiss her hand. Still, I'm going to be in trouble. Time for the shotgun to come down off the rack!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

A long entry spanning several days

Last Friday's Five

1. Did you vote in your last elections?
Yes. I try always to vote. Even in primaries. Since I've been 18, I think I've only missed voting once.

2. Do you know who your elected representatives are?
House or Senate? Local or national? I've got 'em covered. Actually, my state Rep. is in Kiwanis with me.

3. Have you ever contacted an elected representative? If so, what was it about?
No, but I have contacted the Bureau of Taxation and the Bureau of Revenue. The store across the street from me was taxing everything but milk. So I bought tea and bread there, and they taxed me on both. So I called. To my knowledge, the state did nothing.

4. Have you ever participated in a demonstration?
Not that I can recall. Unless you count picketing at the bus stop in grade school.

5. Have you ever volunteered in an election? What was the result?
I've had a lot of hits in my logs recently for people looking for pictures of Al Pacino. Of course, I don't host such a picture. Of course, I did reference him in this post. Of course, I'd forgotten all about it. I got a good chuckle after I re-read it.

Never, ever, tell a 4-year old a secret. She will not keep it. She will tell everyone. She will even volunteer the info to you. I have learned.

Not much by way of posting from me recently, huh? I've just been right out straight. In fact yesterday, I didn't even go to work. I called in about 7am, and went back to bed. (I never go back to bed after I get up.) I slept until almost 10!

I've been thinking that I'd like to use a pocket watch again. Last week, my wrist watch lost a pin, so I carried it my pocket. I used to use a pocket watch. Susan bought me one for my high school graduation. I wore it out. I still have it, in a little display bell jar.
A watch FAQ that I liked.
This one is mechanical, which is what I'd like. (That means it doesn't run on a battery like a quartz one does.) And it's pretty decent looking. But I'd like a moon phase. This one has a moon phase, but is open face. I really would like a hunter case. A hunter has a full cover over the face. A half hunter has a hole in the cover, so you can tell the time without opening the lid. I think half hunters are quite ugly.

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Thursday, November 7, 2002

My week, the Mac, and drums

Monday night was rehearsal for West Side Story. Then my radio show at 9pm. Tuesday, I worked on a clients web page for an hour, then taught Beginner's Internet from 6-9pm. Last night, I went and picked up my truck at the mechanics. Thanks to Jim and Dave for giving me rides. Luckily, the tab was only about $85. Tonight is rehearsal for WWS again. Friday and Saturday night, I'm playing in Brunswick. After church Sunday, I have a free gig for the Salvation Army at 3pm. Then, back to church at 6pm. At least I'll have some free time during the day on Saturday--I don't have to work at the office.

My Mac here at the office is fixed. It was the power supply. Cursed Mac power supply! For those who don't remember, my Mac would shut down at random intervals. Apple listed what the voltages shoud be at the motherboard for this computer, and it checked out ok. But still, it would just shut down. A power supply for a PC costs about $35. The local Mac dealer wanted a little under $200!!! An online dealer wanted $150!!! I found a rebuilt one on ebay, and was happy to pay $75! That's crazy. We need to get the Mac OS to run on PC hardware.

Here are some cool drums you should see. This Leedy WWII era snare went quite cheap. But I'm trying to be good. Also available, this Ludwig snare with twin strainers. Cool. Also cool would be this Pearl symphonic, which has 3 strainers.

I'm about to give up on formating this page. I used to make sure it looked decent in a bunch of different browsers. But for the life of me, I can't make it look good in Netscape 4.7 on Windows. Netscape 6.X is fine. I.E. is fine on both Mac and PC. Why can't Netscape get it right? Then, I went to Maria's page, and her page doesn't work with Mozilla on the Mac, but looks good on everything else. ARRGH!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Just a quick post

To let you know I'm alive. Busy couple of days. Pages to be maintained. Kids to watch. Computers to format. Sleep to be had. (Or not.) Posting now from the beginner's Internet class I'm teaching. Bye!

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Friday, November 1, 2002

100 Things About ME

100 Things About Billy Rhythm. A little something I've been working on.

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Friday 5 (on Friday no less) and the purity test

The "80s" Purity test results:

Total Questions: 249
Questions answered Yes: 78
Maximum possible Score: 249
Score: 78
Percent impurity: 31.3
Percent purity: 68.7
Explanation: You answered "yes" to 78 of 249 questions,
making you 31.3% 80s (68.7% non-80s);
that is, you are 31.3% in the 80s domain
(your purity is 68.7%).

The Friday Five!

1. Were you raised in a particular religious faith? Yes. Baptist.

2. Do you still practice that faith? Why or why not? Yes. Why? Why does anyone practice any faith? Because they believe it's how they get to their "afterlife" or what have you. I practice it because I choose to woship God.

3. What do you think happens after death? You go to Heaven or Hell. And there's only one way to Heaven, and that's through Jesus Christ.

4. What is your favorite religious ritual (participating in or just observing)? Hmm. I would say that I really like singing the Doxology.

5. Do you believe people are basically good? No.

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My Online Quiz

Take my Quiz on! It's some little thingy, and I emailed some of you already. But I wouldn't dare presume to send some of you email. So instead, take it here. I did this once long ago, dealing only with drum stuff. This one has a few drum questions, but they're really more personal.

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Radar really plays!

Remember that epsiode in MASH where Radar takes a drum solo? He puts on his best Gene Krupa face and lets it fly? I always thought he looked like he was really playing--he was to in time to be faking it. Well, browsing around today I found this. It seems he really is quite a player, and songwriter too!

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